Student Life

Student Council

For a fresh start, students had a vote for the newest student council. Each council candidate delivered a speech to their classes and pitched why they would be the perfect student councillor for their class. Each class then had a ballot in the hall and voted for their classmates. The successful candidates are now actively making improvements for their fellow classmates.



This year also introduced the new Year 10 and 11 prefects. Each prefect had to successfully go through the application and interview process and prove that they were the right candidate for the job.

“Having finished with one term of the year, not just as a Head girl but as a Year 11 student, this term has taught me and many others valuable lessons and responsibilities. We’ve all been inspired by our last Year 11s as they have shown us how we can still achieve no matter the circumstances or obstacles. I’m excited to know what comes in the future and anticipate working together to accomplish many great things!” – SC Head Girl


A Year 7 Afternoon with Ms Tazeen

To mark the beginning of their time at Afifah School, the Year 7 students had their welcome morning with Ms Tazeen Ahamed. They told her all about what they are enjoying the most during their time at Afifah School and what they have achieved so far.


Careers – Dr Jose Puello

To understand what lies out in the big wide world for them, Dr Jose Puello from the University of Manchester held a workshop at the school for the year 10 and 11 students on 27th January 2023. He spoke about the different options available to students post 16.




Year 11 Presentation Evening

On the 9th December 2022, Afifah Schools class of 2022 returned to the school for their awards evening. The Afifah alumni were inspired by a talk given by Sadia Sajid, received their GCSE certificates and were given awards for their efforts.

Student Shahed also received the Afifah school honorary “Naheed Kausar Ali” Award. The award is dedicated to a teaching assistant that attended Afifah School and sadly passed away during the Hajj rituals in 2015. The award is dedicated to her memory to a student with strong characteristics and is an influential student who made an impact to Afifah School.


Achievement Assembly

To celebrate this terms achievements, students were awarded with certificates from their teachers for their efforts, merits, attendance and Islamic representation.

Students that have tried their hardest this term were also given a treat afternoon!



During their Friday Tarbiyah lessons, students will explore different sections of their Islamic lives. Students spent the first term looking at the life of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and how he has impacted their lives.  They have also spent time looking at the qualities of Allah, the articles of faith, Life and the Hereafter and the way they can bring different aspects of the Sunnah into their own lives.

MAIN Autumn Days to Remember


Bronze Arts Award

Like the year groups before them, the Year 9 students are doing Bronze Arts Award which is a level one qualification with up to 16 UCAS points.

Bronze Arts Award develops young people’s artistic abilities alongside their research and communication skills. This level involves them in the arts as creators and audience members and encourages them to take their first steps towards leadership by sharing their learning with others.

This qualification develops art form knowledge and creativity alongside reflective practice, problem-solving skills and confidence. Young people complete a portfolio as their Arts Award journey progresses, explaining what they’ve seen, done and learned along the way.