Afifah’s History


  • Started High School with 6 girls (September)
  • Based in residential building (owned by mosque)
  • 4 trustees
  • Head Teacher –Mr Abdul Hameed Chunara


  • Registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee (July)


  • Student numbers slowly increased to 40/45
  • Department for Education inspected the property and said we could not use the loft as an I.T room. Afifah had to find larger building due to the increase in student numbers.
  • Negotiated with owner of Shrewsbury Hotel (dilapidated pub) that Afifah School would relocate the building and then use it rent free.
  • Initial renovation cost was £300,000 but eventually increased to £450,000
  • Funded via Qarz-e-Hasna (interest free loans from individuals)


  • Registered as a Charity (July)
  • Moved into the new building (September)
  • Rabia Mall appointed as Deputy Head Teacher


  • March – OFSTED Inspection rated Afifah as Satisfactory, but action plan required
  • School faced financial uncertainty (August)


  • Serious consideration given  by Trustees to close Afifah School (March)
  • Post inspection Action Plan approved by OFSTED (May)
  • Mr Makda appointed as Head Teacher (September)


  • Iraqi Supplementary School starts using premises on Saturdays (January)
  • Enter negotiations with Hanifa School to lease ground floor rooms and rear annex for a 5-year period
  • Libyan school started using building (May)
  • Madrassa classes start in evenings (September)


  • OFSTED inspection rated Afifah High School for Girls as Satisfactory (September)


  • Abdul Huy Malek appointed Head Teacher (January)
  • Took on 21 girls from Crescent School which closed down, including 6 students in year 11 (September)


  • Hanifa School decide to relocate Primary and Pre-School to Cheadle (July)
  • Afifah School restructures and takes over Hanifa Small School and Hanifa Pre-School (Summer)
  • Material change inspection – Department for Education approves Afifah School’s application to change to an all-through school (September)
  • Nursery registration approved by OFSTED (October)


  • Nursery post-registration inspection resulted in a Good rating (January)
  • Tazeen Ahamed appointed as Deputy Head Teacher of Afifah School
  • Rebranding exercise – Aims, Mission Statement, slogan, logo, uniform, website and prospectus changed. (June/July)
  • First major refurbishment of the building. This includes improvement in IT resources, new wudhu area and creation of a tuck shop


  • ‘BSI’ inspection took place.
  • Afifah was graded as ‘Good’ with Outstanding features.
  • Team of six coordinators (Islamic, Pastoral, Assessment, Marking and SEN Coordinators along with a Development worker) were appointed by Afifah school.


  • Afifah students achieved 100% A*-C in the GCSE’s.
  • Literacy and Numeracy coordinators were appointed to help flourish the relevant skills throughout the Primary and High school.


  • ‘Ofsted’ inspection took place.
  • Afifah was graded ‘Good’.