Phonics and Early Reading

At Afifah School, we use Twinkl Phonics to teach phonics and early reading.
Twinkl Phonics is a DFE-approved systematic synthetic phonics program that aims to cultivate a passion for reading and writing among students and leads them towards developing fluency.

We ensure the teaching of phonics is systematic and progressive throughout the foundation stage, starting with the simplest sounds and building up to more complex ones with a large focus on quality first teaching. This allows children to build their skills gradually and gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between letters and sounds.
We establish effective half-termly assessment procedures which identify pupils falling behind and help to inform suitable interventions.


How can you help your child with phonics?

Read to your child regularly: Reading to your child exposes them to a wide range of words and sounds, which helps them to develop their phonemic awareness.

Practice phonics at home: You can use flashcards, worksheets, or apps to help your child practice recognizing and sounding out letters and their corresponding sounds.

Encourage your child to sound out words: When reading with your child, point out words that they may not know and encourage them to sound them out.

Click here: How to voice letters of the alphabet using pure sounds – YouTube

Below is the Twinkl Phonics Reception to Year 2 Scheme Overview: