Complaints Procedure

Afifah School is committed to ensuring the highest standards of education for all of our children. One of the ways we can continue to improve is by listening and responding to the views of our parents and other members of our community.  If you have any concerns, comments or compliments, in relation to the work of our school, please do speak to a member of staff.  We will always try and resolve any concerns informally to your satisfaction as quickly as we can.

However, if you wish to make a formal complaint, please use the form attached here or collect a hard copy from the school office. Our policy is to deal with parents’ concerns and complaints as quickly as possible. Matters will be resolved mostly by the Head Teacher or the Deputy Head Teacher along with the Pastoral Coordinator. The staff members at Afifah will work swiftly to resolve matters in the best interests of the child and family.

The following complaints procedure must be followed by the parents:

  1. Speak to the Head teacher who should resolve the complaint immediately.
  2. Not satisfied- Write to Head teacher, formally, who should be able to resolve the matter within five working days.
  3. Still unsatisfied- Write to Trustees who will arrange a panel hearing. The matter should be resolved within twenty-eight days.

Note: All the correspondence, statements and records of the complaints will be kept confidential. Written records of all complaints will be kept stating whether they were resolved at the preliminary stage or proceeded to a panel hearing.