KS 2

English/literacy English:

Over the course of key stage 2, we concentrate on teaching and developing the students learning and understanding in four areas: speaking, listening reading & writing. Children will be encouraged to read out of enjoyment in order to familiarise themselves with the English language and to pick up vocabulary which will be useful in speaking and writing. In addition, children will develop their listening skills and use their own ideas by having the opportunity to both present in front of their class-mate’s and listen to the group or individual presenting. This method of teaching will in turn increase the overall confidence of the student in writing their own thoughts and ideas with correct grammar and punctuation.


Children are taught to develop their mathematical understanding and advance in knowing how to use and apply mathematics. They decide how to tackle problems. They record what they do using mathematical language, symbols and diagrams, and explain their reasoning.
Over the course of key stage 2, the students are taught to develop their knowledge in:

  • Numbers: this includes their knowledge in the numbering system and being able to solve questions mentally.
  • Shape, space and measures: this includes two- dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, position, movement and measurement

Handling data: this includes answering questions by collecting data, organising it, produce then into graphs and diagrams and working out how it helps to answer the original question.

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