School Policies and Procedures:

 Our policies aim to provide parents/guardians, staff, and students with clear information about the organisation and ethos of Afifah School. These policies help us to work together to do the best for those in our care.



Below are some of the essential school policies, however, if you require any other relevant policies, please contact the school:

Policy Name


Admission Policy  Download
Anti Bullying Policy  Download
Assessment Policy  Download
Aims and Objectives Policy  Download
Accessibility Policy  Download
E-safety Policy  Download
Behaviour Policy  Download
Central Record of Recruitment and Vetting Policy  Download
Complaints Procedure Policy  Download
Data Protection Policy  Download
Exam Contingency Plan Policy  Download
First Aid Policy Download
Health and Safety Policy  Download
Risk Management Policy  Download
Safeguarding Policy  Download
Staff Discipline and Conduct Policy  Download


Our policies are reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure that they are still relevant, up to date and effective.